Freelance Guidelines

We welcome and encourage others to send freelance pitches to Accra We Dey. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please read the following before sending anything our way.

Send all pitches to content[at]

Writing pitches

Please note we are not currently accepting any writing pitches that involve product lists, business reviews or articles that promote an upcoming event.

Instead, we are looking for articles that touch on something happening in Accra, the Greater Accra community, sub-culture or the city in general.

Please avoid sending us any pitches that are derived from a press release or have already been reported by other media in the past 24hrs. Pitches should be based on an original idea or item you've discovered based on your own research, observations and community involvement.

Please include the following info:

  • The proposed headline, format and word count for the article.

  • Suggested photography to accompany the article. Please include details on whether you will be providing the photos, collaborating with a photographer, sourcing the photos from social media or another third party, or would require AWD to assign a photographer.

  • Estimated article submission date.

  • A link or provided samples of your writing portfolio.

  • Your required fee (how much you'd like to be paid).

Photography pitches

We are always looking for photographers to add to our staff visual team. We are also accepting pitches for individual events or thematic based posts.

Here are the types of photography pitches we would be looking for:

  • A photo gallery from a specific event like Chale Wote or Accra Goods Market.

  • A photo gallery that functions like a listicle providing insight into Accra. Example “Photos of the best Beaches in Accra”

If you'd like to send us a photography pitch please include the following info:

  • Details on what you'd like to shoot for us (whether it's a specific event, list, topic or theme based photo gallery).

  • If writing is needed to complement/explain the photos, please include details on whether you will be providing the writing, collaborating with another writer or would require AWD to assign a writer.

  • Estimated number of photos included in your submission.

  • Estimated start and submission date (when you will start shooting and when you plan to submit it the photos).

  • A link to your photo portfolio.

  • Your required fee (how much you'd like to be paid).

Video pitches

Submissions opening SOON…

Thanks to everyone in advance for your interest in contributing to the site. Please send all pitches to editors