Where to find the Best Cocktails in Accra

Photo by @Teabaaghj

Photo by @Teabaaghj


If it’s one thing we know how to do in Accra is pour a really good drink. It doesn’t have to be Happy Hour for us to start the liquor celebrations early with lots of creativity. If you’re looking to experiment in your cocktail flavours or try something different for weekend drinks; here’s a list of the top places you’ll want to visit.

Republic Bar

You definitely need a taste of Republic when you're in Accra. All of their cane spirited cocktails will give you a feel of Ghana but you can't pass through without ordering their world famous Kokroko. We even saw Idris Elba drinking it one time.

Little Havana

When this place was opened it was a culture shock for the city. People weren't sure of what to expect but they're still here and we appreciate them and their Mundo Pequeno cocktail


Famous for its iced tea cocktails and the super delicious food. You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to their cocktails but the Raspberry Basil cocktail reigns supreme.

Bloom Bar

Established in 2017 Bloom Bar has changed the scope of nightlife in Accra. They have surely mesmerized us with their World Cup cocktail and large fishbowl drinks that are perfect for taking pics on the gram.

Nuage Bar

As if having the best view of Osu and South Labadi isn't enough. Nuage get’s very creative with their cognac drinks, including their top cocktail Henny Coco - a deliciously blended drink with Hennessy at the base. They also play around with cold tea flavors and have a good choice in fruit tea infusions.

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