The Best Places for Arts and Crafts


If you’re a fashion designer, artists, or just into a lot of DIY projects, here are some of the top places you’ll want to visit in Accra. From the market place to storefronts you’ll always be in a haven of art supplies, creative workshops and more.


This place carries high-end art supplies such as paints, canvas, pencils, brushes, stationary and other knick knacks. The staff are super helpful and they also offer workshops for artists of many disciplines.


If you are a photographer, Artivity is the best place to get your prints done well and in a timely manner. They offer custom framing services, custom award design and production, superior quality large format printing, as well as engraving. They also offer some art supplies.

Kingdom Book Shop & Stationary

Kingdom Book Shop is more on the business side of stationary supplies and goods. However, you can find plenty of other art supplies that range from books, scrapbooking, electronic devices and stamping.

Agboblosie Bead Market (Makola)

This is a market place, so it can be difficult to get around to find the good stuff. As a point of navigation direct your driver or set your Uber location to "Pepsi Work Place" in Agbobloshie. Continue past the Pepsi factory until you see the total gas station sign. Exit your car, and walk across the street, and you will see a gate with an overpass painted yellow - enter that gate, walk down for about 2 minutes, and your first left turn will be a bead workers heaven. The selection is massive and there are beads from all walks of the earth.

TK Beads

TK Beads is more on the creative side because it not only is a retail bead store, it’s a factory. This location is also environmentally friendly as it uses recycled glass from all over Accra to make hand painted traditional Ghanaian beads.

Madina Market

If you’re a fashion designer looking for clothing supplies,  Madina Market is one of the best places to visit. It’s very busy on the weekends, so if you need some downtime, we suggest going on a weekday. Most fabrics are between 8 to 12GHC per yard.

The Accra Art Center

The Accra Art Center is a fun and exciting place with lots of variety in painting, sculptures, jewellery, fabrics and more. This a great place to get Kente cloth if you’re looking. It’s important to note that bargaining here is a serious thing - so it's sometimes best to go with a local person who knows how items should really be priced.

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