Where to Feed Your Sweet Tooth in Accra


If you want to feed your sweet tooth in Accra don’t feel guilty for visiting one of these locations filled with sweet and savoury goods. From brownies, to awesome DIY milkshakes, there’s a great variety of both wholesale and on demand sweets for any occasion.

Here are our picks for top dessert places in Accra.


Cupcake Boutique

This cute shop in Labone is a Cupcake Sanctuary. The Boutique carries an array of flavours fused together and decorative toppings. There’s a great patio to enjoy your dessert in the sun, with their signature drink, TCB - a milkshake with bits of red velvet, chocolate and  vanilla cupcake bits.

Maachi Desserts

A newer dessert place in East Legon offers tasty and healthy sweets. They have a wide range of macarons, brownies, cupcakes, and some of the best cookies in the city! They may pop up at a local event near you but you can always pull up to their store and feed your sweet tooth.

Fine Things Patisserie

Fine Things is a local bakery that provides freshly baked goods, sweet and savoury. There are daily lunch specials and healthy snack alternatives for cautious dessert lovers. There are two locations in North Ridge and Labone.

La Galette

Outside of their shawarmas, La Galette serves tasty macarons, donuts and creative cookies perfect for any season and festival. It’s located a little bit outside of the city in Spintex.


Welcome to DIY yogurt ice-cream plus more sweet and savoury goods. This is a franchise restaurant that started in Los Angeles, California inspired by European gelato. Their menu consist of passion fruit, chocolate hazelnut and an original tasty recipe. There’s over 30 toppings that are playful and yummy.


This soft serve gelato spot is Ghana’s favourite after fan milk. Located in various locations, the Italian based dessert spot carries various wild flavours from Soya and Pineapple, Snickers (Peanut butter, Chocolate and Caramel), blackcurrant and a whole other ranges.

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